We are travelers who love mountains, landscapes, nature.  Thanks to our couples we have the chance to know many places,  take photos in incredible landscapes and sometimes drink craft beers with them.

  • Hans

  • Passionate traveler of the landscape and wedding
  • My life was always surrounded by music and art since my childhood I saw my dad directing a concert or playing the clarinet. I admired each person who enjoyed making art. The time gave me the opportunity to photograph and make art that's what I had always wanted, but I was not made until photographing weddings. It has been a long road of learning much. I learned that you can't live without love, I live of the love of Rox and couples who open us their hearts. I learned something valuable to care: the friendship. I enjoy what I do, biking on a sunny day, watch some animes while I take a comfortable rest, explore new music with good coffee. I'm serene and passionate about what I do, I love beards, travel, weddings and attend them.

  • Rox

  • Cat lover and wedding photographer
  • I'm romantic and inveterate dreamer girl. Fan of cats, bike rides and trips. I think life is too short to live with limits. I love weddings because I think it is one of the most important moments that a woman in love imagine. It is not a fairy tale but is our love story and I would like to be me who is there to tell this to my photos. We love traveling and even if it is to take pictures; being surrounded by beautiful landscape, it is very inspiring and allows us to do amazing photos. We love to photograph the genuine and boundless love.

  • Location

  • We are Hans and Rox, Destination and Lifestyle Wedding Photographers based in Peru.
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