Post wedding in Cotahuasi the deepest canyon in the world Claudia & Christoph

We had 4 amazings days with Claudia & Christoph, the day that Claudia chosen us for be in their wedding, she told us to have a session in Cotahuasi, since they were going to travel there with their friends after the wedding. Cotahuasi is considered as the deepest canyon of the world* and to get you need to travel around 12 hours and part of the way is a track that is not well preserved but it is worth it, because the valley of Cotahuasi is very beautiful with many traditional town to visit. We took photos close to the river and the last day we took some pics in the base of the volcano Coropuna, the highest volcano in Peru. It was difficult to take photos because it was hailing and then it started to snow.
We want to thank Claudia’s family and especially her parents, we had a great time in the Hotel Valle Hermoso we will definitely come back.

The Cotahuasi have a 6,093 metros since river until the top of the mountain, that’s why is considered as the deepest in the world.